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hey loser

my name is lucke. if you know me by any other name, call me lucke instead. i am a 17 year old weeaboo who lives inside my linux terminal, and in 10 years i'll probably be using shell scripts to brew my coffee at work and tell my relatives to have a happy birthday. the free time that i don't put into computer shit usually goes into doom, touhou, mega man, or anime.

i hate discord, but i have one. i wouldn't if most people didn't exclusively use it. fortunately, i can be contacted on other things too. if i'm online, feel free to bug me on steam for a game of tf2, skullgirls, or any old source engine game.

i have a couple of computers. the ones i use the most are my two memepads: a t540p with funtoo linux and a t420s with arch. it's hard to say which one i use more, but when i go out of town (which is happening more and more lately) i bring the 420. my other computers i usually just access over ssh.

every dollar spent on taxes is a dollar not spent on genetically engineered catgirls for domestic ownership!

stuff you might want

* cia shit list - don't read if the n word is too scary
* my dotfiles - might actually bother to package these properly later

* discord - HffstPB - permanent link, no rules, no bans, raiding is encouraged
* steam - yourmomonthemoon - rarely online
* telegram - cheeseman - also not online much
* mail - lucke@waifu.club - i haven't used gpg in over a year, please harass me to make a new key
* xmpp - l@616.pub - i don't use this one enough

kraftwerk - taschenrechner (1981) \ click to mute