abandon all hope, ye who enter here


welcome to hell

i'm lucke

i spilled baked beans all over myself watching cars 2 in theaters & a black teenager shouted "this nigga eating beans" & everyone laughed

i am the god of hellfire. the beast i worship. the powers that b. the lord of the game. every day i pray to my lords and saviors richard marx stallman, vincent canfield, and terry davis that i may one day be a god of the pork and beans. when i'm not doing that, i'm either yelling at my dank ass awful stupid amazing friends, complaining about computers, pretending to be able to write useful things, watching degenerate cartoons, reading intellectually stimulating literature™, and/or sleeping.

i use a thinkpad t540p with linux and we do not use windows in this good safe pure christian household!!!!!!! vidya is poopy dumb unless it's at least like 10 years old and not owned by ea. i write stuff using vim almost exclusively because it's the best text editor ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and if you disagree then your mom plays basketball. like really man you got some problems if you don't totally love vim then you are a big poopy with big poopy problems.

i don't really have, like, a "main" social media or message thingy, i kinda just use whatever. i have a discord server and a telegram. i have other things like my twitter and gnu social but i'll probably get banned from twitter for being a russian bot or some shit and i barely ever remember to use gnu social. if you want to kick my ass in that one jojo capcom game hmu i'm luckerino on fightcade. if you run into chicken on a zandronum server or in MM8BDM then it's probably me i guess.

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have some images

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i'll add more later i swear