fuck discord

i have a discord. it follows a philosophy. if you like its philosophy, you should probably join.

the server's philosophy is:
- be lax; don't have rules, the tos is more than enough
- be simple; have one channel, because it is only one chat
- be old-fashioned; don't chase after new, pointless features, modern chat solutions are stupid

who we are

in theory (skip this part): creamed corn, previously under names such as jihad cafe, baby eaters united, and bbbbthats4bs, is a nameless discord group that aims to be the opposite of typical discord servers. most servers have many channels that you will never use, rules that are common sense (or complete bullshit), and plagued with awful distractions known as gimmick discord bots, ranging from being your go-to solution for production of unfunny content-aware scale memes, to wasting many half-hour moments of your time on pokemon minigame clones. we avoid that by having absolutely none of those problems, and going the opposite direction almost entirely. we have no rules, we have only one channel each for text and voice, and we have two bots (autorole and music).

in reality: my discord server is a bunch of archfags and people i've known for way too long talking to eachother as if we all hate eachother even though we'd probably die without our friendships. regardless of that if you're cool you'll probably fit in just fine, keep in mind that we're mean for no reason and don't actually mean it. unless you're a furry, then we probably mean it.